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Our Advantage

More Extracurricular Opportunities

Students at private colleges enjoy a variety of chances to study abroad and opportunities to be involved in campus organizations. Students also have better chances of securing leadership positions and service opportunities due to lower enrollment numbers.

Shorter Average Completion Time

On average, undergraduate students at a private college take four and a half years to graduate, while the average undergraduate student at a public college needs over six years to earn a degree. The Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities reports that students who attend private colleges enjoy other advantages, such as smaller class sizes and higher graduation rates.

Personal Attention

The above student enrollments show that many private colleges are smaller institutions, which means instructors and professors can focus on each student to ensure individual success. In addition, many private colleges focus on developing the whole student, which requires faculty to mentor students personally and professionally, according to the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia. Personal attention with faculty members also enables students to personalize their education, according to the NAICU website.


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