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• Student Care is a unit of Minerva welfare society , formed with a single aim of providing quality education to all parts of the society. Education is a right, like the right to have proper food or a roof over your head. Article 26 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone has the right to education”. Education is not only a right but a passport to human development. It opens doors and expands opportunities and freedoms. It contributes to fostering peace, democracy and economic growth as well as improving health and reducing poverty. The institute is aimed at equipping the students with latest courses and shields to propel them towards a successful career. 

All the distance courses are under supervision of universities approved by UGC and DEB (Distance Education Board). We offer B.Ed/ M.Ed/ D.El.Ed courses from NCTE approved Colleges. Students are provided with study materials for respective subjects. Sample question papers of previous examinations are also readily available with us. As per Distance Education norms, “PCP or Contact classes” are held by our regular faculty /guest lecturers from reputed university and colleges. The PCP classes are generally held on weekends with a flexible time slot so that the working students can also complete their course with ease. The core strength of Student Care lies in its attitude and faculty members who are dedicated professionals or experts in their respective subjects. In addition to regular classroom programs group-discussions, seminars, personality development programmes and mock interviews are also arranged to provide the students with the cutting edge for future career opportunities. 

Student Care is an educational consultancy with its base in West Bengal, which guides and offers students seats in varied fields and courses, not just in West Bengal, but throughout the India. We are renowned for sending students to top grade medical colleges in Philippines, Bangladesh, Georgia, Nepal. Driven by the motive that education is global and has no limits, at Student Care we strive to steer students to follow pursue their studies of interest in colleges that suit them. At Student Care, we assure a hassle free admission in prestigious colleges, across the globe. At Student Care we firmly believe that the secret in education lies in respecting the students. It is our motto to ceaselessly deliver better education. We offer counseling services to students in India and the non residents of India, as well, and we help them to get admission in colleges according to the student’s preferences.


Our Mission

Student Care is an Education consulting organization with excellent credentials that provides value-based services to aspiring students in India. Our goal is to offer the most innovative and time-saving admission information that will make the student application process as simple as possible. To support students achieve their desired goals by being innovative, pro active and giving timely responsive services. To promote higher education around the world by offering accurate information about educational institutions, we give impartial advice about higher education & career to build a secured future. 


Our Services

 Career Counseling: Keeping in view one’s individual profile and the professional market scenario, we would help to make the best career choice..

• Choosing the right course in the right university: We provide in-depth personal guidance to help in choosing the right course in the university according to the profile, financial constraints, future aspirations and interest.

• Complete information about Educational Institutions: We have a well equipped library containing prospectuses, CDs, Video Tapes, Brochures etc of all the Universities/ Colleges represented by us to help students in getting all the information about the institution(s) of their interest.

• Admission Guidance: We give attention to every application and resolve any kind of admission related issues very carefully, as we have a regular follow up with the Universities/Colleges which results in positive and quick response.



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